Single Mom Mentoring

Finding a Mentor May Be the Best Thing You Ever Do For Yourself

The act of mentoring comes from the desire of one to move from a current state to a better and improved position. Mentoring can be applied in a variety of fields and can be used by different people of different ages. Single mom mentoring is a very important activity that most moms overlook. It is amongst the best ways to help you cope with the job of raising a child or children on your own.

Community Programs Are a Great Place to Start Seeking a Mommy Mentor

Mentors help single mothers in many ways such as helping them understand the challenges faced when raising a child on your own and offer friendships which incorporate the value of respect and love for one another daily.

The best mentors that offer single mom assistance are ones that have had the experience of being moms themselves. Not saying that other mentors aren’t good enough but it would be better to hear from a person who’s had firsthand experience. The benefits of having a mom mentor is that she will be able to teach you the right parenting skills in order for you to bring up your child with good morals and a high self esteem despite the fact that they will be missing a father figure in their lives.

Single mom mentors encourage you to enroll in courses that offer basic first aid training. This is because most of the time it will only be you and your child and if any accident were to happen, you will be the one to be responsible for your child’s safety.

Part of a single mom mentoring program will include going for retreats where you can mingle with other single moms and get to learn and share from one another’s experiences. Such a single mom boot camp will be of great benefit in that it will improve the way single moms perceive themselves. It helps give them a sense of power and fulfillment in their children.

The encounters a single mom will have at such a retreat will help her reshape her mind and help her achieve a more positive mindset. These programs will help increase her self-analysis and self awareness levels. One of the main objectives of a boot camp is to raise a single mom’s self esteem.

Single mom mentoring is very involving and because of this a mother needs to be careful as to how she chooses her mentor. The first thing you will need to do is to make a list of all your prospective mentors. This should include people you know and interact with often. After this you can go ahead and ask. You may approach all of them and if most give you a positive answer then you can choose your favorite or the person you think will help you the most.

Also it would be advisable to choose someone who is living the life you want to live. By constantly interacting with this person you will always have the drive to want to be where they are. Above all else your mentor should be your friend, a friend who is always willing to lend a helping hand.

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