Understanding Acne and How It Effects Women Living With It

Having acne can change the way your perceive yourself. It can cause depression and even ruin your self-esteem. Many people do not realize the impact that living with acne can bring and how it can profoundly effect those living with it.

Acne can come in two forms, it can develop on the face and it can develop on the body. Some unlucky folks have acne on both their face and their bodies as well. The face seems to be more stressful as it is not a place of your body that one can hide. The body acne develops on the back, neck and shoulders generally and there are more men suffering from this type of acne than women. Men typically develop body acne over women because they play sports and the heavy sweating and dirty sports clothing and head gear can quickly effect how their skin looks. Women too can experience the acne on the back and shoulders and doctors are blaming acne prone skin for that as well as women not wearing clean undergarments and having long hair. Long hair can be greasy and when it lays against the skin on the back it begins to develop acne. You would be alarmed to see the large amount of women that wear dirty bras and sports bras under their clothes. This can be from a lack of good hygiene or from not realizing they need to change their bras out each day and not wear them over and over again before they wash them. Dermatologists are also claiming sleeping on dirty sheets and pillowcases can attribute to body and face acne becoming much worse. With the results of all of these hygiene findings it is making a very clear explanation for why so many people are suffering from acne.

Now that you understand the types of acne that can develop, you must understand what it can do to the person living with it. To begin with, it looks bad and even somewhat disturbing on some faces. Some people have simply given up trying to treat their acne and they have several blemishes all over their face or horrible scarring from past acne spots. These people are well aware of what their skin looks like as they have to see it everyday, and when others are hurtful or judgmental of those suffering from acne it can be a lifelong challenge to gain back their self-esteem. While many years ago people assumed that those suffering from acne were people that were dirty, or un-kept and that simply is not the truth. Some people have great hygiene habits and they have acne as a result of unfortunate genetics. There are more cases that are harder to treat types of acne than the cases where the acne can be treated quickly. These people are suffering from low confidence and need to get the help to cure their acne as fast as possible. If they cannot seek the proper treatment, then perhaps finding some form of makeup will suffice for the time being. If you have a child with acne, do them a favor and try your best to work with them to cure their acne to make sure your child always feels their best.


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