Bridal Makeup Tips

Wedding Day Make-Up Tips

For most women weddings only happen once in their lifetimes, so it would be imperative that you look your best and better looking than what you normally look like. Some enjoy the treatment of having their make-up done at a beauty salon while others prefer to do it themselves. But the most important thing to remember is that you apply make-up shades that you are used to. This way you’ll feel comfortable and won’t have to worry about the color of lipstick you are wearing.

DIY Bridal Make-up

Whichever the case, there are a few tips that you could apply that will help ensure that you look stunning on your special day. For your skin to look smoother you could apply a heavy pigmented cream foundation then top it off with a powder foundation. The mistake that most women make is to powder their face and then forget about their ears and necks. This will leave you with a painted face kind of look which is not very attractive. So when you apply the cream foundation then powder one, remember to repeat the procedure on your neck and ears.

If you’ve decided to skip the whole professional salon experience and want to do your make-up yourself, always do test runs before the big day. Also have someone handy who will give you an honest opinion of how you look.

When applying lipstick use a liner that matches your lipstick shade. This will give you a more defined look. For ladies with full lips a darker shade will work best, but for those who are thin-lipped a lighter shade would be the best choice. For your lipstick to last the whole day, you may want to begin by applying foundation on your lips. This will help keep an even lip tone. Next line your lips with the lip liner then fill them in. Apply your lipstick then blot it with a tissue. Re-apply your lipstick and let it set.

Avoid shine enhancing products on that day. This is because as much as you may want that glowing healthy look; in photos someone may actually mistake it for sweat.

Another bridal make-up tip is to mind the season you are getting married in. as mentioned earlier it would be disastrous to apply shine enhancing make-up if you are getting married during the summer. If you are getting married in the winter, dramatic make-up is allowed but it should just be an enhanced version of yourself. You could always apply a green tinted concealer that will hide the effects of the cold should your face adapt a red hue.

There are people who are very emotional and can even cry on their wedding day. If you fall into this category it would be advisable to use water-proof mascara. That way you will avoid looking like you walked off the set of a horror movie.

More bridal make-up tips can be found on the internet and in magazines specifically aimed at making your wedding day the most special day in your life.

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