Can You Pass A Nanny Background Check?

Obtaining a nanny work career is a very important job. You are responsible for someone else’s life, their well being and guiding them through daily activities. Anytime caring for children is involved, the employers which in this case would be the parents are entitled to run a many background check to ensure they are hiring the ideal candidate. This process can be done on the internet with the parents collecting a few pieces of information on you and in minutes they will have their results displayed.

The employer will need to retrieve your social security or tax identification number, your date of birth, your drivers license identification number and your mailing address to complete their nanny background check. Some security companies that provide these background checks require less information and some obviously require more, but be sure to have this information available when visiting the potential employer or going for the interview so you are prepared.

You may be concerned as to what activities or blemishes on your past record will effect your nanny background check and that is completely understandable. Many people have incidents in their youth and unfortunately have them on their records for years before they are released from their own identities. Some things that will without a doubt prevent you from obtaining any nanny work position are typically those that are felony charges and any charges that involved any incidents with children whatsoever. Minor violations such as traffic citations with a motor vehicle are rarely an issue and typically do not show up on any nanny background check.

In the event you do possess any blemishes on your record that you feel might effect your chances of being hired, you can certainly opt to speak with the potential employer regarding those concerns. Sometimes there are situations that were out of one’s control or as previously mentioned something that happened many years prior and with some form of explanation you are giving the employer some way to form their own opinion instead of gaining a judgment from a piece of paper with prior indiscretions on it.

For an Au pair situation the requirement may be more detailed to complete a nanny background check as you would be living in a foreign country. This type of nanny work should be screened and considering you would not only be caring for the children of your new employer, but you would also be residing in their home as well making safety a first priority. To view all the needed documentation you may need to qualify for an Au pair arrangement or for a regular nanny background check you can typically on various online background check websites to ensure you have all of those documents. If you have encountered a discrepancy of any kind as a result of a nanny background check that is on your record under false pretenses, make sure you speak with the proper court systems to have those erased and following those actions bring that documentation to your new employer to clear up any issues.

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