10 Points To Get You A Job As A Nanny

Working with someone else’s children is a very important career, you would essentially be solely responsible for the lives of little ones, and they are the most important people in your new employer’s life! Upon embarking on a interview for a local nanny work opening, preparation is key to landing successful nanny jobs. Before you even leave for your interview ensure you are dressed appropriately for nanny work by wearing business casual attire and easy on the makeup application as well. Give your self ample time to get tot eh interview, as being tardy will greatly work against you.

Nanny work tip number one is to always greet the child or children in the room in a friendly and engaging manner. If you fail to make contact with the children the parent will automatically assume you are not comfortable around little ones or do not have the personality that they are seeking in a nanny. Tip number two to land nanny jobs is to never use foul language of any sort during the interview, it is inappropriate and classless. Tip number three is good old fashion etiquette, do not chew gum or have your cellular device on making noise every few minutes as it is unprofessional and distracting.

Number four is one of the most vital steps when seeking nanny work, and that is anytime a client hands you an infant or young child to hold you must ask the parent where to wash your hands at first. Infants and young children are more prone to getting illnesses by germs and you should always clean your hands prior to holding a baby to prevent passing any germs. The parents will notice this and appreciate it greatly as well.

Tip number five is one that should be followed in any interview, nanny jobs included and that is to never speak poorly of your previous employers. It speaks volume of your own character and turns off potential employers instantly. Nanny work interview tip number six is to be inquisitive about the children you may be taking care of. Ask the parents which activities they are involved in and what an example of their daily routine may be. This benefits your interview by taking interest in the little ones and you should always be eager to learn about them as you will be spending a lot of time with these children.

Tip number seven is to utilize the children’s names during the interview, this not only helps you remember their names but the parents will find that impressive that you are already addressing their children during the conversation with interest. Nanny work tip number eight is to inquire about pet responsibilities. If the client has a pet to pets it is equally as important to address them in a friendly manner as well by petting a dog or cat that may come your way.

Tip number nine is to never inquire about what the potential salary may be for the position as there will be a time at a later date when all that will be addressed. Finally, tip number ten is to follow up your interview with a letter of thanks for the following day. This can be sent via email or regular mail as a brief thank you for the consideration and that you would enjoy helping the children (address them by name in the letter) grow on a daily basis. Nanny jobs are a great way to make an impact on a child’s life and the parents are going to be very selective when choosing the ideal candidate to tend to their little ones everyday.

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