How Healthy Watermelon Can Be

Are all fruits the same? Do they not all provide good nutrition and help keep your body healthy? Certainly all fruits are better choices to consume over snack foods or fatty ones, but some are certainly more superior than others. Nutrition is watermelon for example should be looked into if you are seeking a delicious food to aide in your weight loss journey.

Watermelon is a very popular choice for fruit salads and barbeque foods around the world as well as a common favorite among children. What some people do not know is that it is also a very smart option for anyone trying to lose weight. It is fulfilling and most importantly it keeps you busy while you are eating it. One of the best tricks to staying trim is to always eat foods that take you awhile to eat or ones that have the ability to hold your attention for longer periods of time. When you eat pretzels for example it takes awhile to eat them, you must chew them up for minutes just to digest them and the longer you take to eat your foods the longer you take to digest them allowing your stomach to get full by consuming less amounts of food.

The nutrition of watermelon is pretty good compared to other foods. It contains no fat which is great and is a great source of Vitamins A and C. Watermelon also contains fiber and carbohydrates which your body needs to use a main fuel source for energy during the day. It does contain sugar in each slice of watermelon, but the sugar that is consumed in fruits is a more natural form of sugar and if consumed sparingly you will not fall off your dieting at all. In fact, watermelon is so useful when dieting because it actually works as a diuretic and helps aide in better digestion and helps keep your bowels on a more regular schedule as well. For a great breakfast, you can indulge in a few slices of watermelon and some cottage cheese to receive a good source of protein and carbohydrates that you need each day to keep you going strong. At lunchtime you can combine your nutritional watermelon along with a sandwich or yogurt for a fulfilling lunch that is very low in calories. It is very affordable to enjoy watermelon and in most cities you can find it all spring and summer long when it is ripe and in season. There is nothing easier than enjoying foods you love when they are providing a healthy additive to your life. use watermelon all year round if you can locate it in your local grocery store as a fresh snack.

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  1. Okay this post has taught me a lot!

    I always knew watermelon was healthy, because there wasn't anything in it that was bad for you. (Lol, my parents always told me there was lots of vitamin "Pee" in it, haha, corny I know)

    But I didn't actually know that it had vitamin a and c and fiber! Gosh, I just wish it wasn't so expensive....
    hmmmm, I'm thinking of growing my own now....