Why women should incorporate boxing

When you think of boxing do you assume it is just for men? Well, if that is the case then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to be in the best shape of your life. Boxing is growing for women and finally gaining the recognition it deserves in the fitness circuit.

Get the thought out of your head right now that you will be beaten up. Boxing is not just two people going at it inside a ring. There are endless ways to learn how to box without ever having an opponent in front of you.

Boxing skills for any female:

~Find the nearest gym that offers boxing aerobics and try a class. They are generally a half an hour to an hour long and can be extremely fun. Take water and a towel with you, you're going to need it! The instructors are usually boxers or those that once were professionals. It will show you how to throw certain punches and a few moves on your toes that will keep you fit!

~Hire a boxing trainer. They are not very expensive and currently you can find a good one in virtually any city. They will train you by using padded mitts that you throw your punches into and they will have you train in three to five minute spurts. You will learn how to throw your punches correctly and with the right form using your weight to your advantage.

~Bag work. You can join any boxing gym and just show up and hit the bags if you wish. No trainers, just taking your day out on a canvas bag and feeling great afterward. Buy your own set of gloves, either bag gloves or training ones which should be around twelve ounces in size for most women. The general membership fees for these types of gym are rather cheap, some but twenty dollars for the whole month if you just want to use the bags.

~Sparring. This is when you fight in a practice setting. The trainers can set you up with someone else in the gym that is relatively your same size and you both practice hitting each other with the proper head gear on. It sounds more abusive than it really it is, you do not walk away injured or hurt in any way. If anything, it will boost your confidence quite a bit!

You can always buy bags and use them in your home as well. It is recommended to learn the appropriate techniques first so you do not hurt yourself or suffer from any joint injuries. Wrapping your hands can also help steer clear of any sore knuckles the following day and buying a speed bag may be a great alternative for you as well.

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  1. Boxing is something I've been wanting to get into. I have my own punching bag, but never received any training or anything. My husband has some training in boxing though, maybe I can convince him to show me some things.