Teaching Your Children About The Goodness of Donating

In a struggling economic time when money is tighter then ever, you may find yourself starting to take a harder look at your own finances to see where you may be able to cut costs. Difficult fiscal decisions and certain sacrifices may need to be made in order to help you survive in this economy. When reconsidering where your funds are going, you may think about halting your donations to your favorite nonprofit organization in an effort to reduce your spending. Before you make that assessment, consider the following reasons why donating can be both mutually beneficial to the organization that you are supporting and also to your own welfare.

One of the biggest benefits for the individual to donate to a nonprofit organization is the level of self worth that you achieve through this process. Donation gives you the opportunity to select a problem that you feel strongly about and help to implement a way to embark upon solving it. The organization that you are donating to should provide you with a continuous influx of information on how your funds are making an impact inside the organization and for those that are receiving help. Knowing that you are improving the situation for someone that is less fortunate then you can be a very rewarding and irreplaceable experience.

By choosing to donate, you also get the chance to express your personal values. The organization that you donate to is a direct reflection of what you believe in. When choosing an organization to donate to, you need to understand what your goals are. Once you understand your goals, you have the opportunity to work with the organization that goes about achieving these goals with the strategy that you see most fitting. Donating to an organization that you have researched and believe in can help you to strengthen your core as a person by aligning your beliefs with actions.

Perhaps the most obvious, but important reason to continue your donations is that in this economic time, the nonprofit organizations need it more then ever to survive. If you choose to discontinue your donation, the organization may have several individuals that choose to take the same action and they may not end up with enough funds to continue the service that they have been providing to the community. Removing these imperative funds has much more of an impact then just a disappearing organization. There are people that are going to be affected in your local community and will not be able to receive the services that they need to survive and prosper.

Viewing your own financial situation as more then just numbers is a vital message that should be taken into consideration when you are trying to reduce your spending. Remember why you began donating in the first place and think about the feelings of pleasure that it has brought to you. Having a strong self worth, supporting your values, and knowing that you are bettering your community are feelings that cannot be replaced by anything.

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  1. Geez, I don't currently donate to a non-profit organization, but this article was so well written and motivating, I'm honestly considering it!