Can You Eat This Holiday Season and Not Gain Weight?

Is it actually conceivable to get through the holiday season without gaining ten pounds? It does seem virtually impossible doesn't it? The cookies, the gravy, the meats, the breads the list goes on and on. Your family members will be stuffing you every second of the week this holiday season and it is your responsibility to eat with caution!

Being that I have worked in a gym in my past, people always ask me questions on how to stay fit during the holidays. It seems to be one of those things that people just gain weight and put up with it versus actually aiming to prevent it from happening in the first place. So it is possible to have an enjoyable holiday season and not gain? Yes, it actually can happen. The first tip I like to share with people is to watch what you are consuming the week of your big holiday feast. If you know you will be eating very heavy on a Friday, then perhaps on Wednesday through Thursday you can make some very light food choices. Have a salad for lunch, cereal for breakfast and baked chicken for dinner, things like this. That way, your body is already going down the scale before the big feasting day arrives, working with you not against you. I know, it seems like a challenge with all the Christmas cookies spread about your home and even inside your work office, but you can do it just for one or two days to really enjoy that big meal you have been craving!

That same week leading up to your meal, watch what you consume in drinks. I cannot stress this enough, people do not realize how many calories they are consuming each day on drinks. That fancy coffee you love at Starbucks...probably a cool three to four hundred calories. Sodas, even fruit juices can be very high in caloric content. Drink water instead as much as possible and brewed teas, or light soft drinks with zero calories. It is worth the sacrifice and you will feel even more energized after the second day of not having your body consume so much sugar and caffeine. Always get smaller portions the day of the big feast, you do not need a fist full portion of gravy, taste in smaller increments then you can more! Do not eat the skin if you can enjoy it without it. Turkeys and such tend to have fatty skins on them, this can help avoid excess calories. Have a healthy snack before you leave your house. Sounds silly, but a handful of carrots or a bowl of cold cereal can help you maintain your weight during the holidays.

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  1. I wish I had read this article before the holidays. Maybe then I could have prevented that 10 pound weight gain. Well, there is always next year right??!