Fun Gifts For The 'Geek' In Your Life

It used to be that the term 'geek' was a bad thing. I didn't like being called that in high school, and my husband didn't like being shoved in his locker by the jocks. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but you get the point. But as time has gone on, the term that was once an insult is now somewhat of a compliment. The high school 'geeks' I knew are now smart, successful professionals with quirky senses of humor. There are tons of items celebrating our 'geek-com', my favorites being from a company called ThinkGeek. Most ThinkGeek items can make for good gag gifts, but some of them actually have a purpose! Here are some of my favorites.

The kids in your life might enjoy the Electronic Firefly in a Jar. It looks just like the the ones we caught as kids, but these don't die. These are battery-operated and have a light inside that flickers and moves around, just like a firefly would. They also have one with a frosted 'dreamlight' appearance. Cats also love it, so put it somewhere where it can't be knocked off!

Do you know someone who always hits the snooze bar one too many times? If so, they need the Clocky Robotic Alarm. This battery-operated gizmo not only beeps really loudly when it goes off, it actually runs away from you so that you have to chase it down to turn it off! This forces you to get out of bed, thus waking you up. I think this is a gift that can be annoying but helpful at the same time.

ThinkGeek has no shortage of gadgets for the kitchen. Star Trek fans might enjoy the pizza cutter that looks like the Starship Enterprise. There are also chopsticks that look like the light sabers from Star Wars, as well as ones that have a fork and spoon on the other end. I think that will be useful for someone who is just learning to use chopsticks. There are ice trays that look like brains, ninjas, swords, name it. I don't know about you, but I think having ninjas floating around in my glass is pretty funny.

Do you remember the Easy-Bake oven? It's back, but with a twist. ThinkGeek has a mini-donut and mini-cupcake maker. There's a mix that comes with it, or you can make your own. This would be great for college students living in dorms, as well as a housewarming gift.

Did you know there is a such thing as caffeinated soap? I didn't either until I read about Shower Shock. It works on the premise that you can caffeine can soak through the skin. Each 4-ounce bar has 12 'servings' of 200mg each. It's a glycerine-based soap, so it's not hard on your skin. As for other caffeinated gifts, there are Crackheads (chocolate-covered espresso beans), cherry cordials that look like zombie heads and caffeinated hot chocolate. These also would be good for a college student pulling those 'all-nighters' before exam time. That, and...chocolate. Need I say more?

These are just a few of the silly and fun gifts you'll find at ThinkGeek. You can find the general website at Happy Holidays!

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