Great Websites Made Just For Women


Gossip. News. Viral videos. Weird and funny pictures. The internet is replete with all kinds of websites, some of which aren't exactly savory. How can you wade through all the trash and find some quality websites that are geared specifically towards women? There are magazines and TV networks, but many of those focus on one particular demographic-teenagers, model types, etc. Where can you find websites that have 'something for everyone'? While I haven't been over the entire internet (is that even possible??), here are some of my favorite women's websites.

With its witty tone, Skirt! Is very entertaining while still giving you information you can use. One of my favorite things is the Daily Muse, a feature that showcases whimsical and fun things the editors find. On the serious tip, there's Tiny Buddha with advice gathered from all over the Web. For the practical, there's a soup bowl with a cracker holder on the side ( and Twine With Scissors for those of us who have a problem with losing our scissors. For the fun, there is live music courtesy of 2CELLOS 2CELLOS and the BlaBlaMeter to help decode those old emails from your ex.. That last one has a bit of bad language in it, but it's still an interesting tool!

Another website that is created especially for women is Like its name suggests, this site features prayers contributed by users as well as the site's editors. What it doesn't do, however, is push a specific religious orientation-in fact, it is very careful not to do that. Any and all content posted on the site is tailored to fit any type of spirituality, or just for a 'thought for the day'. You can get a daily email with a 'Prayable' and some commentary, or you can go to the website and pick one out for almost any need. There are also articles, blogs and even a place to submit your own work for consideration. It's a very interesting site, even if you aren't a spiritual person.

Finally, no post about great websites for women would be complete without a plug for one of our 'sponsor' sites. has content that is geared toward women from every walk of life. Some of the articles are instructional, such as recipes and beauty tips. Others are fun, such as the latest celebrity gossip. Still others give pointers in how to deal with difficult life situations, such as being laid off or dealing with a divorce. In addition to articles, there are several instructional videos and blogs to pique your interest. Whatever your need, Womensforum is sure to have an article or video that can help you out or give you a little 'lift'. The page's heading says, 'The Place For Moms', but those of us without kids are welcome too!

These are but a few of the many awesome internet sites that cater to women. I like these because they are fun and interesting, use lots of humor and can easily lift your spirits. I don't know about you but, to me, these things are more than welcome!

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