What's On Your "Bucket List"?


I'm sure you've all heard the term 'bucket list'. If you haven't, it's a list of things you want to do before you die; before you 'kick the bucket', so to speak. Even if we are content with our lives as wives and/or mothers, I'm sure we all have some things we'd like to experience before we die. Some people think making a list like that sounds depressing, but it's actually kind of fun. Besides, they usually aren't all that serious. Even if you know that you'll never get to do some things, it can still be entertaining to think about. In the spirit of good fun, here is my 'bucket list'. You can add yours in the 'comments section' if you want.

  • Travel to every inhabited continent at least once. By 'inhabited', I mean cities and towns; the research stations at the South Pole don't count. Sorry, sub-zero temperatures aren't my 'thing'.
  • Go skiing. I've never been.
  • Have dinner with a famous person I admire.
  • Finally finish one of the many novel projects I've started (working on it...)
  • Get a full makeover, and not the 'Glamour Shots' kind that only works for one photo session. I'd like the 'whole shebang'-hair, makeup, clothes, shoes...all of it. Have any of you ever had a makeover like this?
    Of course, I'd like someone else to pay for it! If I ever get to do this, I'll be sure to invite you along. It'll be a great 'girl's weekend'.
  • Write something that becomes widely known (*cough*, shameless plug, *cough*)
  • Get back down to my high-school weight. I'm about thirty pounds away! Is that something you'd like to do as well? Most women I know say yes.
  • See a very big name band in concert. U2 would be my pick, but Elton John and Billy Joel on the same stage would be great too.
  • See the day when women are treated as being equal to men all over the world.
  • I think it would be great to go on a mission/charity trip to a remote part of the world to help people. I don't know what I would do exactly, perhaps help clean up after a natural disaster or provide help to abused women and children. Actually, I might be able to do that last one right here at home. I don't know where to start looking, though.
  • Go on a game show
  • Stop worrying so much about what other people think of me. Stop trying to please everyone all the time. Since we as wives and mothers spend so much of our time and energy taking care of other people, we might not realize that we need to care for ourselves too. This doesn't mean we should be totally selfish, but constantly worrying about whether or not we're 'good enough' and not paying attention to our own needs doesn't do anyone any good.
  • Do the YMCA dance with my husband on our 50th anniversary.

These are only a few of the things I'd love to do before I die. What are some of yours?

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