Positive, Light-hearted Shows With Female Leads


“There's nothing on TV tonight.”

Sadly, this statement becomes more and more true by the year. It's not that there isn't anything interesting on, but some TV shows all but 'shut down' when summer comes. The ones that don't are usually of the 'reality' genre but, let's face it, some of us don't want to see yet another train wreck featuring a Kardashian sister. Even if we do enjoy watching, sometimes it can be hard to relate to people who have perfect looks and lots of money. So what is left? Where can we look for fun characters who are a little more like 'us'? Here are a couple of shows featuring women who are entertaining and relatable at the same time. 

Another big plus is that you can watch these shows with your daughter without having to worry about 'adult' language or content. I've seen a few conversations that are somewhat questionable but, other than that, there's nothing you wouldn't want your kids to see. 

Drop Dead Diva is a Lifetime Original series that has a cute and unique premise. Basically, an a beautiful but dense woman (Deb) gets into a car wreck on the way to a modeling audition at the same time a smart and plus-sized female lawyer (Jane) has an accident. Due to a 'clerical error', the model's soul goes into the lawyer's body and brings it back to life. The only people who know what's going on with her are her guardian angel (who is not hard to look at!) and pretty-but-dimwitted best friend. It's interesting seeing her navigate life as an intelligent, witty lawyer while still remembering what it was like to live as the model, especially when she has to work with the model's old boyfriend! She toes the line between wanting to confess her identity as Deb to the old flame and wanting to be appreciated and loved as Jane. The cases she takes are 'serious' cases-for example, a false-advertising case about a dangerous diet program-, but the overall tone of the show is light-hearted and fun. It's also great to see a plus-sized woman being shown as pretty and powerful. It's a welcome change from the 'skinny dumb blondes' we saw in the past.

If you like characters who are cute and offbeat, you should definitely check out New Girl. It comes on the Fox network on Tuesday nights after Glee (another fun, unique show). Zooey Deschanel (sister of Emily Deschanel from Bones) plays Jess, a good-natured but quirky kindergarten teacher who moves out after a breakup with her boyfriend and ends up with three male roommates. It's funny because she's pretty but in a sort of 'dorky' way; the thing that makes her appealing is her unusual but sweet personality, not just her looks. While this isn't a new thing with TV and movies, it's good to see the 'inner cuteness' celebrated. That, and some of the men are nice-looking!

These are just a couple of the many 'new-ish' shows that have fun and relatable female characters. Even if we've never had three hot male roommates or come back from the dead in someone else's body, we can still enjoy seeing witty women make their mark. 

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