Bachelorette Parties That Don't Involve Strippers

I know what you're thinking. “No strippers? But that's the best part!” This very well may be true but, for some of us, it's also the most expensive. Also, a bride who is shy and conservative might get a bit anxious in a sea of dancing hotties, as well as feeling odd if she didn't want her future husband to have strippers at his party. I won't comment on that, but I will say that there are plenty of other ways to make that “last night out” memorable. Here are a few ways to celebrate your friend's upcoming nuptials with “just the girls”.

-Have an old-fashioned slumber party. Rent movies, eat pizza and ice cream and talk about boys. If you must have strippers, rent Magic Mike. Seeing Matt Bomer shirtless just adds to the fun.

-Improv night. If you're not familiar with “improv comedy”, it's a type of sketch comedy that involves the audience in a show that is completely made up on the spot. Think “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, the British and American versions. Tell someone on the staff what you're doing so they can be sure to drag the bride-to-be on stage and have her “help” with the show. If the club allows it, take pictures and/or videos for laughs and/or blackmail later!

-Karaoke night. Go to a local bar or club that has karaoke and sing your hearts out in front of everyone-complete strangers included. You can go up in a group or sing on your own. You don't have to be a good singer; in fact, it's probably even more fun if you can't carry a tune in a bucket! If you don't want to go out, you can rent a machine or use a computer program to do the same thing to bring the silliness to your home.

-Spa day! Get pedicures, massages, facials, the works. This can be expensive too, but a lot of spas offer specials and discounts.

-Dance class. I'm not talking about ballroom dancing, although that might be interesting too. See if you can find a local class in pole dancing so your lady friends can learn to dance for their men. If you'd rather stay home, you might be able to find someone to give private lessons or get DVDs everyone can use for future reference! Also, brick-and-mortar erotica stores such as Starship sell portable “stripper poles”; go in together on one of these poles (they can be expensive), have a silly dance contest and give the pole to the bride-to-be as a gift. If nothing else, you'll get a good laugh.

-Fortune telling. If you're comfortable with such things, it might be fun to treat your friends to a night of future predictions. Find a mystic to give everyone a Tarot card or palm reading. Even if you don't take them seriously, it can be fun to hear what “lies ahead”.

As you can see, half-naked men aren't the only ingredients for a great “last night out”! Have fun, and invite me!

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