Do-It-Yourself Oatmeal Face And Body Scrub

Do you love natural exfoliators, but don't love the prices you pay at the store? Is there someone on your list that loves bath products, but is allergic to some of the ingredients in commercial blends? Here's one you can make from things you may already have in your cabinet.

Lavender, Oatmeal and Tea Tree Oil Face and Body Scrub
¼ cup coarsely-ground oatmeal. Quick oats or slightly-cracked whole oats work best.
2 teaspoons honey or agave nectar
5 drops each of lavender and tea tree essential oils (or 10 drops of a blend, which can usually be found in drug stores).

In a small glass jar, combine the agave or honey with the oats and stir until well mixed. Once the oats have absorbed the liquid, stir in the oil.

This can be given as a gift or kept as a treat for yourself.

The best thing about scrubs like this is that they kill germs that can cause breakouts, but they don't irritate your skin the way alcohol-based antiseptics do. The only thing I see that could irritate sensitive skin is lavender, in which case you can use another essential oil. It's best to make small batches of food-related beauty products, but the ingredients are generally not very expensive. The agave is also rather good in hot tea. Enjoy!

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