What Religion Are You, Really?

What religion are you, really? Just for fun, why don't we find out?

Seeing as they're mostly “user-created”, these quizzes shouldn't be taken too seriously. I have a religion I'm very happy with, which is not the one some quizzes have assigned to me. I just find it fun to see how well the answers match the truth. I feel the same way about horoscopes.

I'll admit to being biased toward Beliefnet.com because I've been moderating forums for them for ten years, but they do manage to get some of the smaller details of the different beliefs right. I like how you can indicate exactly how important a point is to you, because that can make a huge difference. Some might find it off-putting that most of the results represented Christianity, but there are at least two reasons for that-
  1. Beliefnet is based in the US, a country where a good 78% (give or take) identify themselves as Christians of some form. They might not all be practicing, but this is how they answered the latest Pew* Forum on Religion and Public Life, and
  2. At the time this quiz was written, Christianity was the largest religion in the world. I say 'was' because, depending on which websites you read, Islam has surpassed Christianity's 2.1-billion population.

They do seem to be partial to Quakers, which I found a bit odd. There were also a couple of questions-specifically, what someone has to do to be 'saved' and what happens after death-that were a bit confusing in that none of the answers really stated what I believed, but there was not a 'none of the above' option. It's an interesting place to start looking, though.

Beliefnet has some good newsletters from different spiritual perspectives, if they're spiritual at all.Some other great sites-

Here's another quiz that is actually pretty accurate.

I like how it was formatted-a range between “agree” and “disagree” rather than a solid yes/no. The results are true except for one thing-I'm not even close to being a Satanist!

And, well, this site is just silly.

It said I was “spiritual, not religious”. This isn't true, but I don't see a site with quizzes like “What will you write on the chalkboard?” to be all that serious.

What do you think? Are any of these quizzes accurate?

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