Getting In Shape For Your Big Day

The flowers have all been ordered, the caterer and DJ have been booked, and the rings have been purchased, all in preparation for the “Big Day.” But the biggest question on the bride’s mind right now is how to lose that pesky five pounds left over from Christmas and make sure that her arms don’t look like a Thanksgiving Jello-mold when she tosses the bouquet. Luckily, offers some help for the stressed out bride by providing a “Wedding-Ready” body toning workout. Getting in shape for your big day has never been easier, there are endless methods of cutting weight just before your special day to really enjoy it! Videos, gym routines, using a personal trainer and dieting can all have an impact on your body. Do not overeat weeks before the wedding, in fact cutting back on the sugars, caffeine, and fatty foods a month prior can be great for you skin that day and also help you relax and make better decisions. Many women are rushed, they feel overwhelmed and often cannot even sleep. Getting on track will not only help you look your best, it will also make you a calmer person for the big event.

Using tips and tricks from Canadian fitness expert Jari Love’s Ripped DVD workout programs, offers a routine that will help brides get in better shape just one month before their wedding. The workout uses small weights and many repetitions, combined with short bursts of cardio work, such as running in place and jumping jacks for one to two minute intervals, for 15-20 minutes just once or twice a week.

The three exercises in the workout are supposed to be done while lifting dumbbells that weigh between three and five pounds in each hand and should be repeated between 20-40 times each. All three exercises put a strong focus on all the areas that a bride could possibly want to shape up, particularly the thighs, shoulders, butt, hamstrings, calves, biceps, quads, abs, and core. So, whether her dress is sleeveless, strapless, silky, or sheer, this workout will help those nervous brides from getting cold feet due to those extra cold-cuts at lunch.

For brides who feel this basic workout isn’t enough, or for the bride who wishes her husband-to-be would lose a few pounds with her, Vince Delmonte fitness ( offers a special 75 day “Wedding Day” workout plan that works for both men and women. Vince and his wife, Flavia, made this program with the goal of getting themselves into great shape by the specific deadline of their wedding day, June 26th. This is a workout that both bride and groom can enjoy, and promises exercises, nutrition, and even mental and behavioral techniques to help nearly-married couples get better prepared, both for the wedding day. . . and the wedding night. To read more about the bride’s workout, go to

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