Healthy Grocery Shopping

When trying to shop for the most nutrition-intense foods, the very best place to look at your supermarket is along the perimeter of the aisles. If you do a lap around your grocery, and buy foods from only the outsides of the aisles, you will have no choice but to select the best options! The freshest foods, from fruits, to meats, to vegetables, to dairy, to grains, can typically be found there.

As you enter the supermarket, the first thing you will typically see are the fruits and veggies section. Far too many Americans zip past this section without giving it appropriate attention. Fruits and vegetables actually contain essential vitamins and minerals that your body requires on a daily basis. These vitamins and minerals will not only keep your body sustained healthy for short-term purposes, they also help protect your body from serious chronic illnesses such as heart disease, strokes, and even cancer. Mother even made it easy on you to give your body the best array of nutrients from fruits and veggies by assigning different colors to all of her delicious natural treats! It is said that you will get the best combination of these nutrients by choosing fruits and vegetables of different colors. Mother nature sure did her part in making it easy to try and keep you healthy!

After your cart is glowing with all of the fresh colors of nature, you begin to continue your grocery shopping, still along the perimeter of the grocery store. Next up, you stumble upon the meat section. The meat section includes seafood, fish, chicken, and beef. All of these foods supply a very healthy amount of protein into your daily diet. These foods are fresh; they are not packaged meat that are bubble-wrapped and infused with preservatives to have a longer shelf-life, nor are they infused with extreme amounts of sodium to keep their taste appealing. Fresh cut meat will have the best taste and the best healthy benefits because their nutrients haven’t been lost in the processing process.

After you add your favorite cuts of meat to your cart, you keep walking until you hit the dairy section. Here, you stock up on calcium infusing products, like milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, etc. Eggs are quite possibly the most important purchase you make and they are also the best bang for your buck! An 18 pack of eggs will typically run at $1 per carton. Who would of thought eating healthy could be so cheap? Sure, egg yolks may cause some issues if you have cholesterol problems, but if you remove the yolks and eat the egg whites, you’re looking at numerous healthy meals for just $1!

Grains are typically found close to your dairy section. These include your whole grain breads, your corn tortillas, and specialty breads. Grains are a great source of carbohydrates which just so happens to be your body’s #1 energy source. So don’t skimp out on the grains to follow all of the “low-carb” fads. They are actually your body’s favorite form of energy!

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  1. I know all too often I am tempted to go straight to the aisles, but you are completely right, the most important section I would say is the produce.