Is Permanent Makeup Right For You?

Using makeup is something you either do for life, or you don't partake in it at all. Those that do enjoy using makeup can certainly attest to the constant time and money it require to keep up a pretty face. Many are considering if permanent makeup is the right choice for them.

Permanent makeup is becoming very popular. It makes for less time in the bathroom every morning, which means more sleep for you! There are several questions when this topic comes up...will it look natural? Is it going to be expensive? How do you know what shades to use that will look best on you? These are all normal inquiries and the cosmetician will review them over with you carefully. The most common procedures are getting your eyebrows darkened or filled in. This can be around three hundred dollars and up depending on where you live.

Other procedures are lip liner, lip coloring inside, eyeliner, and making beauty marks on the face. They can all run between one and two hundred dollars to complete. The other types of things you can obtain is to lengthen your lashes and even color them. They have the ability to add longer lashes on that last generally two to three months. Also there you can sign up for microdemabrasion sessions as well. If you buy them in a package deal you will save more money in the long haul..

It appears that the most expensive procedure is getting your eyebrows done. Most that have this done have really enjoyed the results, it makes your appearance much more beautiful in the morning when you awake. They also have new procedures that can change the way the rest of your body looks also. For example, many moms have complained over the changes their breasts can make from having babies. They now have a method of coloring the inside of the areola to make them darker or lighter. This is all a part of the newest technology in permanent makeup practices.

You can find an excellent permanent makeup artist through your local dermatologist or cosmetic surgeons office. They can set you up with a reputable person and from there your consultation can be completed. Carefully review exactly the shades and styles you want and be sure to look at pictures of the past work the artist has done before going through them for your work. Also, be certain to check into the after care of your new look. Some may desire not to have any events scheduled just following the procedures, as the colors may need a day or two to blend in. Most looks last up to a few months, with some lasting longer than others making it a money saving opportunity on your monthly makeup spending budget.


  1. I would absolutely love to get permanent eye liner done.
    I naturally have long lashes, but they are very light colored, so even when I wear mascara and no eye liner (which I hate putting on, and then it always seems to transfer to my eye lids and smear), it still looks like I'm tired and I feel like you just can't see my eyes.
    I think I'm going to look into this..... maybe next tax season....

  2. I agree with you there Michele, I would love to get both the permanent eyeliner and eye lash darkening.
    It seems like it would save money in the long run, and precious time more than anything.
    I wonder if I can convince my husband. :)