How To Workout With Your Teenage Kids

Having teenagers residing in your house can be a daily challenge. They can be sweethearts one day and the next want to be left alone, such is the result of hormones changing. One method to spend time with your teens, and also perhaps help stabilize their moods is to workout with your teenage kids.

First, find out what sports your teen adores. If they enjoy soccer or running, then get on a program with them to start exercising together. In the beginning your child may wonder why they are being told do this, so try to make it fun and remember what it was like to be a teen. Start a quick pick up game of soccer with your kids, maybe a half an hour to an hour at first to ensure they like it and neither of you run full out of steam.

Activities to exercise with your teens:

Volleyball- This is fun and a great workout. It shows your child they possess strength and coordination as well as burning a few calories in the meantime.

Swimming- This is nice because in most cities you can enjoy this activity all year round. Most local high schools have a pool you can use for a very small fee each year. You both can have swimming races, or dive for items or simply just enjoy the waves and relax while chatting about your days.

Billiards- This is a great activity for boys and teen girls. If they do not know how to play the game, then this is a big opportunity to teach them how to play and then they will have a skill for life. It is a game of smarts and can last as long as you wish it to. Most places that offer pool are inside food places so make the most of it and enjoy your teen for one evening!

Boxing- While you may be thinking this activity could be very challenging or even dangerous, relax it is all in great fun. Take your son or daughter to the local gym and have a sparring lesson, or learn to box together.

Martial Arts- There are hundreds of various types of martial arts you can learn, and the best part is to learn alongside your teen together. Jiu Jitsu, Shotokan, Tae Kwon Do, Judo and the list goes on and on. Review these with your teen and have them select which ones that might interest them.

Find activities that both you and your teen like to do. If you decide to try something new, that alone can be a wonderful growing experience that you share. By staying in great shape as a team you can motivate one another, support one another and also release those emotional toxins and leave a happier family!

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