How To Prevent Preterm Labor

Preterm labor is something no one wants to experience. It can be very scary for the mother to be and the baby alike. Preterm is technically considered having a baby before 37 weeks of the gestational period. Knowing all of the tips on how to prevent preterm labor can help eliminate your chances of going into the hospital before you should be.

Preventative Preterm Labor Tips:

  1. Steer clear of foods that can induce labor. Pineapple juice and drinks with caffeine in them have been known to induce labor for some women. Some spicy foods can contribute to it as well, know your body and if something doesn't go down well then stop eating it.
  2. Exercise with caution. Many women can cycle, swim and eve run while pregnant. Typically the rule of thumb is if you were rather active before getting pregnant, you can continue to workout with some modifications. Do not go horseback riding frequently, mountain climbing in hot temperatures, run only if your body feels okay after doing so, and steer clear of activities that involve jumping or bouncing a lot.
  3. Stress. This may seem unavoidable in some households, but you will need to limit your stress levels when you are pregnant. It is bad for the baby when Mom is upset and even worse for you. Always take a few minutes out each day just for you to unwind.
  4. Walking and standing. Although it is very acceptable to work throughout your pregnancy, some Moms working all the way up until their water breaks you still need to be cautious of what you are doing all day at work. For example, walking or standing on your feet for hours on end will become trying on your growing body during pregnancy.
  5. Intercourse. Many Moms to be claim they would rather eat dirt then engage in intercourse during their pregnancies, while others have a very enjoyable sexual health life during those nine months. The only issue is if you have any complications, or if you fear going into preterm labor then you should keep your intercourse to a minimum. Doctors claim semen has something in it that can cause the cervix to dilate.
  6. Hydration. It is very important to stay hydrated during the entire pregnancy. A fraction of preterm labors have begun as a result of nothing other than dehydration. You have to ensure you are drinking plenty of water and all day long as well. Dehydration can result in the labor process beginning, so this is a big one for those that reside in an area that is very warm or dry all year long.

If you still have any reservations, consult with your Obgyn. They will be able to come up with a specific plan to cure most of your worries and to ensure that you will go as close to full term as you can.

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