Weight Loss Programs?


If you're like a lot of women in America today, you are looking for a way to lose weight. Some of us are looking to lose a quick ten to slip into a fancy dress for a party next Saturday, while others are trying to get back to the weight we were in high school. Some are seeking to lose the twenty pounds they gained with their last pregnancy, while still others have a significantly larger amount of weight to lose. Whether you're trying to lose weight for the sake of your looks or for the sake of your health, it's not an easy thing to do. It helps to choose a program that is flexible to fit your particular needs, but also has a high success rate. I was trying to find something I could keep to without having to spend a lot of money. A good friend pointed me toward this helpful review:

I used to work at an independent weight loss clinic. The program worked for people who did everything right, but it wasn't easy at all. Of course, not many effective weight loss plans are, but some fit more easily into our daily lives than others. It also cost quite a bit more than Medifast does. Jenny Craig works for some people, but you can only buy the meals at Jenny Craig centers. The fact that you can order Medifast's meals online and have them delivered to your door is very convenient, especially for those of us who are always busy.

A big part of any weight loss program is caloric intake and portion control. Being from the South, I was taught to 'clean my plate' before leaving the table. When you're at Grandma's house and she serves huge helpings of everything, portion control can be a problem.

To be effective, a weight loss plan needs to be able to be adapted to fit a person's daily life during and after the program's use. This is why products such as Slim-Fast and the various 'diet shakes' I see advertised on TV don't work well; in order to be able to lose weight and keep it off, you need to make changes to your lifestyle and eating patterns over a long period of time. Otherwise, you're just going to go back to your old habits and gain back everything you lost. Medifast has a good maintenance program that can help you implement the changes necessary to keep the weight off after you transition from the meals the program gives you to 'normal food'.

I also like that Medifast has several specialized programs. One of my friends is a vegetarian and had a hard time finding a program that would accommodate her. Some of the other specialized programs are for nursing mothers, diabetics, people with gout, and people who have had weight-loss surgery.

I hope you find a weight-loss plan that works well and helps you make healthy food choices in the long run. Good luck!

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